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Are you tired of unpredictable client flows and stagnant growth?

Do you want to attract, convert and retain your ideal clients?

You're not alone. Many business owners & entrepreneurs struggle to find the right formula for consistent lead generation and growing a business.

That’s where Leads On Automation comes in - a transformative platform designed for all industries, providing the tools, knowledge, and community needed to not just survive, but thrive.

LOA cost thousands of pounds to build for you, but now you get in for just just £99/mo £49/month! Satisfaction guaranteed.

Why Leads On Automation (LOA)?

Gary Das - 'LOA' Founder

We've Already Helped Hundreds Of Businesses Like Yours!

Remember when you first jumped into the world of business?

You dreamed of working from home, the office or the coffee shop and building something great.

Maybe you wanted more freedom than your previous job?

Maybe you wanted to set your family for life?

Or maybe you wanted to build a business empire?

Whatever your goals, I'm sure you did some back of the napkin math to figure out if it was worth starting a business.

"If I could just get 5 clients per month, I'd be making £100k per year"


"If I could build a team of 5 people, I could make £20k per month and not have to work too hard"

But we get bogged down in our businesses at times, fighting fires and going from day to day without moving forward as fast as we'd like.

Maybe an employee leaves or a family member gets sick...

There are countless roadblocks to building the business you want.

As days melt into weeks and weeks into months, you come to the painful realisation that, despite all your hard work.

You're not as successful as you planned to be... I put that down to generating high quality leads for your business.

Every flourishing business starts with a relentless flow of leads. It’s the domino effect. Without a steady flow of QUALITY leads, your business is like a car running on an empty tank – it won’t get very far.

In today's competitive marketplace, lead generation is not just about keeping your business afloat—it's about thriving.

Leads On Automation (LOA) is specifically designed for self-employed professionals and business owners who are driven to not only meet, but exceed their ambitious business goals.

Here, you will discover the secret to turning prospects into profits without the guesswork and wasted expense.

What Makes Us Unique?

In the dynamic world of business, standing out from the crowd is not just an option—it's a necessity.

Leads On Automation is uniquely designed to empower ambitious business owners like you with the tools, knowledge, and community support needed to not only stand out but to lead in your industry.

Whether you're looking to refine your marketing strategy, enhance your sales skills, or expand your professional network, LOA provides an all-encompassing platform to achieve these goals with precision and ease.

Here’s how LOA sets itself apart in delivering unmatched value to its members:

Expert-Led Masterclasses

Gain exclusive access to a growing library of over 50 masterclasses taught by top industry experts. Each session is carefully curated to teach you the latest and most effective strategies in marketing, lead generation, and client acquisition. Our masterclasses cover everything you need to know to succeed.

Live Interactive Q&A Sessions

Imagine having a seasoned mentor, ready to tackle your toughest lead generation questions every month. Gary Das brings his 2 decades of expertise directly to you in live, interactive Q&A sessions. These are not just lectures but dynamic, participant-driven discussions that address the real issues you face.

A Community That Cares

Networking isn't just about exchanging business cards; it's about building relationships that propel you forward. The LOA community is a vibrant network of like-minded professionals who are eager to support each other’s growth. Share challenges, exchange ideas, and celebrate victories with peers who understand.

Leads & Marketing Ideas

Never run out of marketing ideas again! Uncover TOP-SECRET strategies (including social media, email marketing, copywriting, SEO, & more!) to effortlessly grow your business without breaking the bank. With over 100 social media content ideas and ongoing updates, LOA keeps your content fresh and engaging.

The 5 Pillars Of A Scalable Lead Generation:

  • Step 1: Gaining Clarity

    Identify and understand your niche and ideal client.

    Create a detailed client avatar considering both demographics and psychographics.

  • Step 2: Creating Content

    Develop content that resonates with your target audience, focusing on their problems and mistakes.

    Use content models to structure content that engages and converts.

  • Step 3: Utilise Social Media

    Build a personal and business brand that is authentic and relatable.

    Consistency in posting and engagement is key to building a loyal audience.

  • Step 4: Marketing Techniques

    Implement diverse marketing strategies like SEO, email marketing, and social media.

    Avoid over-reliance on purchased leads or referrals; instead, focus on building your own lead pipeline.

  • Step 5: Sales Strategies

    Develop effective sales tactics that convert leads into clients.

    Emphasize relationship-building and providing value to the client.

Do You Know What You Need To Work On Right Now, To Achieve Your Goals?

If your nights are filled with you staring at your screen, second-guessing every decision you’ve ever made…

And you feel frustrated when you see others in your industry reeling in clients like clockwork, while you’re stuck playing the guessing game…

“Why isn’t my phone ringing? Why aren’t the emails pouring in?”

I’m glad. And here’s why:

#1 It shows you’re INVESTED in your business

You’ll do whatever it takes to streamline your processes, rebuild your confidence, and find QUALITY, high-ticket leads who are desperate to work with you.

#2 I can help you get the RESULTS you deserve

Imagine a world where every phone buzz isn’t just Aunt Linda sharing another cat meme, but a real-deal client wanting YOU.

Picture earning consistent revenue week after week…

WITHOUT wasting your time, energy, and money on paid ads that don’t convert and outdated strategies that don’t work!

Trust me: You’ll pinch yourself because it feels too good to be true. And yet, it’ll happen. Day after day.

We’ve Helped 700+ Business Owners 10x Their Success

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Natalie Barlow

Scott Aitken

Alex Hart

Damien Travis

Anil Mistry

Jenny Reeves

Callum Druce

Graham Cox

Meet The Founder Gary Das

7-Figure Lifestyle Entrepreneur, 2x Best Selling Author, Podcaster, & Business Growth Consultant.

I walked out of school with just 2 GCSEs, and no clue what I'd do in life.

No one (not even myself) would have predicted I'd go on to become a 7-figure business owner, leader in my industry, and write 2 best selling books.

I learnt the hard way. In 2015 I was working 24/7 to make a broken business model work. With 15 employees and only £124k in profit, something wasn’t working.

Terrible leads.

No marketing or branding.

Too many employees.

I was so stressed, one bad month and the business would collapse.

That’s when I knew things had to change, I shut the business down, letting go of all 15 employees except 1 (my PA at the time).

And what’s the first thing I did?

I invested £11,786 into EDUCATION in 2016.

Dan Meredith - Learning On Social Media.

Steve Payne - NLP Practitioner Course.

Brad Burton’s - Brad (Speaking) Camp.

Daniel Priestley's - KPI Course.

To name a few...

It paid off, 15 months and many late nights later I’d made over £100k profit. With one employee.

Fast forward to today, I’ve invested over £330,000 in mentorship/training and now run businesses with a combined revenue of 7 figures (and a healthy 6 figure profit), that can pretty much run without me.

Do you want to go from start-up or self-employed feast and famine, to running a successful profitable business by attracting ideal clients? If so Leads On Automation is the answer!

Access These Masterclasses As Soon As You Join Our Membership!

Here Is A Sample Of Our 30+ Lead Generation & Marketing Masterclasses

Mark Burgess

Author & Speaker: Sales Calls Don't Work So Improve Your Marketing

Sabrina Stocker

Apprentice Finalise & Tv Personality: PR Secrets To 3x Your Sales

Chris Taylor

Social Selling Expert: How To Use Social Media Effectively

Toni Gargan

Public Speaking Trainer: How To Pitch, Present & Get Clients

Kieran Kevan

Social Media Manager To Huge Brands: Social Media Lead Generation

Lea Turner

LinkedIn Expert With 168k Followers: Making LinkedIn Easy

Ash Borland

Social Media Coach: The Online Authority Formula

Grace Andrews

Head Of Steven Bartlett's Social Media: Building Online Communities

John Robery

Email Marketing Expert: Words That Selling & Copy That Keeps Them

Mark Wright

Apprentice Winner: Marketing & Social Media Made Easy

Matt Fiddes

Michael Jackson Bodyguard: Building A Brand Not Just A Personal One

Susan Payton

Story Telling Best Selling Author: Facts Tell, Stories Sell

Generating Leads & Attracting Clients Is Hard.

Leads On Automation Makes It Easy.

This membership offers everything you need - all the Tools, Training, Help & Support for entrepreneurs who want to get and keep more customers…

An LOA Bonus

'The Lead Generation Guide' System £999 For FREE

Step-by-Step Mastery with Exclusive Coursework

"The Lead Generation Guide" equips you with the powerful principles needed to revolutionise your marketing strategies, Leads On Automation (LOA) takes it a step further by guiding you through the implementation process.

This exclusive membership offers a meticulously structured course featuring approximately 20 comprehensive modules, each accompanied by actionable steps to help you apply what you've learned.

This ensures that every lesson translates into real-world results, providing you with a systematic approach to consistently generate high-quality leads and significantly boost your business performance.

Available only within LOA, this course is your pathway from knowledge to action, ensuring that the strategies you learn are not only understood but mastered and effectively implemented.

Don't Just Take My Word For It:

You Will Not Regret It!

Our No-Risk Promise

Try Leads On Automation risk-free with our 7-day money-back guarantee. We're committed to your satisfaction and business success, but if LOA doesn't meet your expectations, simply request a refund within the first week..

Everything You Need To Grow Your Business To Where You Want It To Be:

LOA breaks down the roadmap of how I generated £324,000 in 2016 from a stand still with zero brand, zero social media and zero email list within 12 months.

I've continued on to create 7 figure businesses that generate thousands of leads.

Just let this sink in for a moment...

If you solve your lead generation problem, then business growth takes care of itself.

On average, my students generate £2,000+ per deal.

When you close just 50 deals a year, you can EASILY generate £100,000.

Truth be told, I could EASILY charge upward of £500 per month for membership (and you’d STILL be making a HUGE ROI.)

But, I remember the 10 years I spent, struggling and unable to grow my business without creating more stress and hiring more employees.

I wouldn’t dream of putting a high-ticket price tag on learning that can take you from zero to multiple 6 figures, and from 6 figures to 7 when you're ready.

Activate Your Membership For Instant Access To:

  • The Lead Generation Guide Course FREE With LOA

  • 30+ Elite masterclasses from industry experts

  • The online 'Active Gym' training portal

  • An ambitious, proactive WhatsApp community

  • Priority access to tickets for live events

  • Live Q&As with Gary Das & Team every month

  • Live Q&A with Guest Expert every month

Unlock Immediate Access to "LOA"

(Including VAT)

1. Flexible Monthly Membership: £49 per month.

Cancel anytime if you find LOA isn’t the right fit—no strings attached.

2. Value-Packed Annual Membership: £499 and enjoy two months FREE.

A smart investment in the future your business.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you cannot find the answer to a question on this page, email it to [email protected] and we will reply ASAP!


The strategies and tactics shared inside are designed to cover every step of lead generation. That means whether you're a start up or seven figure business owner, you're going to get immense value from your membership and learn the skills to generate ideal client leads.


If you want to learn the latest strategies and tactics within marketing and lead generation, you will find huge value in the monthly masterclasses, the Zoom sessions with Gary and the existing portal content. Leads are the lifeblood to your businesses success.


Replays of each masterclass will be available within 48 hours of it going live. We provide summaries of each masterclass, for ease of reference.

This means you can fit LOA into your schedule and learn at your own pace!


They are held at 9.30am on the 4th Tuesday of every month and last for roughly 90 minutes. Do not worry if you miss a session, the recording will be added to the ACTIVE GYM portal for you to watch back.


We have made it as simple and easy as possible for you to follow and get results.

Think about it this way, if you're hourly rate is £25 per hour, purely by attending the Zoom session with Gary and the Monthly masterclass you have "covered the cost."

However "You get out what you put in", so the more time you invest in learning and implementing the faster you will see results.

We recommend a minimum of 1 hour per week of learning, and then 1 hour implementing by taking action.


That’s great news! Feel free to drop [email protected] a message with what you have in mind, and the team will be back to you ASAP. We look forward to hearing from you!


No. Try Leads On Automation risk-free with our 7-day money-back guarantee. We're committed to your satisfaction and business success, but if LOA doesn't meet your expectations, simply request a refund within the first week. After that, you have the right to cancel your membership by providing us with a minimum of 7 days notice prior to the due date of your next payment, by emailing [email protected]. As soon as you cancel or miss a payment your access and membership is cancelled immediately.


Monthly subscriptions can be cancelled at any time, with a minimum of 7 days notice prior to the due date of your next payment. Once a cancellation request has been received, your access to the masterclasses & community will immediately be revoked. Annual memberships are non-refundable once the 7-day refund policy period has expired. Contact [email protected] with any questions.

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